Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Dec 8th
Frameless Glass Shower Doors Transparance
Frameless Glass Shower Doors Transparance

Frameless Glass Shower Doors – The space can be at a premium inside a bathroom. A small, cramped bathroom can alter the feel of the whole house. One of the ways to make a room appear larger than it is involve installing shower doors frameless glass. These shower doors not only allow you to see out while bathing, but also adds an elegant and modern look to the room.

Instructions: 1. Measure carefully opening shower in three different places: at the top, bottom, halfway between the two. Make sure the opening is square and does not vary beyond a fraction of an inch. In addition, the new frameless glass shower doors must be narrower than 1/4 inch and have opening 3/8 clearance between the door and the bottom. 2. Check which way the door will open. You do not want your door hitting anything when opened, so that the door should open away from the cabinets, toilet or hanging wall fixtures such as towel racks. Some doors come with pre-attached hinges; if you buy one already established to hang, the direction the door opens is a consideration. 3. Set your new frameless glass shower doors inside the bathrooms where there will be beaten, then wait 24 hours before proceeding. The glass should reach the same temperature as the environment or easily broken.

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